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Solat Di Tengah Padang

We understand, we know, we predict, everyone of us would feel how cool to pray without any carpet, just simply above green grasses. 

The objective of having such thing during this MPI week is to prepare you guys, for the future, when one day you have to feel it when you are at the oversea. Suddenly, you find out, there is no mosque during your travel, and you decide to pray, even though, there is no such clean place. You have no choice, Just pray in front of the public, maybe in a football field, who knows? 

So, our incoming 'Solat Di Tengah Padang' will be conducted on a green field located beside Bloc C, if you notice, we have ample space there to pray. So, as a reminder, we don't prepare any 'Sajaddah' for you, no such thing provided at the oversea one day. Make sure you bring whatsoever that can be used to replace the 'Sajaddah' 

And one thing to note, our 'Solat Di Tengah Padang' will begin right 'Maghrib' come in. It is compulsory for all the student to be there. Be punctuate please..


Students Representative Council | TNB