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MPI Background

MPI stands for Minggu Penghatayan Islam. It is a permanent tradition here, at KMB, every years, it happens during the third semester of June. A hectic phase doesn’t mean a complicated life. And it is a continuity of the 'Kem Amal Islami' that we had carried out in semester two.

To let you know, MPI is totally compulsory to everybody, it is not kind of forcing, yet kind of teaching. An excellent structure of architecture is not only based on the technology used, but also depends on the basis in creating the base of the building. By the philosophy, we integrate it, fits into our incoming MPI.

There are a lot of exciting activities waiting for you. What you have to do is keep preparing mentally and physically. Get ready, soon all of you will try to show who are the best among the teams participated.


Students Representative Council | TNB