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Pertandingan Multimedia

A lot of your creativity and talents goes here. This a competition inter-teams, where each or teams has to produce a short film, 7-10 minutes long, and following our theme, Islam, Now, then, here, and there.

For muslimats, there is some time-constraint there, because all of you have to produce your own film as fast as possible, right after you return to the college. Your presentation will begin on 18 June 2009. Therefore, be cooperative with your Teammates now!

For muslimins , No need to rush, yet still need to progress, because you are given about three days only to produce one. And the date is on 20 June 2009. So, be prepared with excellent and outstanding ideas.

What we want is all about the messages that your team wants to dedicate and also of course your cooperation among the teams and creativity.


Students Representative Council | TNB