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Our Hope And You Hope

We hope, all of you..

Be prepared
Be ready
Give full commitment
Be punctuate
Be focus
Be assertive
Be alert
Be responsible
Be undercontrolled
Be knowledgeable
Be cooperative
Be Hardworking

and others good values, for Islam...

And what is your hope? You can simply comment there..

Kembara Kubur

Kembara kubur is a vital activity in MPI. Its objective is to create awareness upon the life after death. It reminds us about death which seems to be very close to us. And it is hopefully, participants will try to feel the heat, the environment, because one day, you will there too in any way and not with your teammates anymore.

 There would be a brief ‘tazkirah’ competition represented by each team member. All the teams will be divided into two group, group A and group B. And the competition will start within the group, just near to the graves. Those who manage to dedicate excellent and well-wrapped ‘tazkirah’ will be judged well. Then, it will end with recapitulate session by BERKAT or TM. 

Sembelihan dan Masakan

The most hilarious and fascinating part! Once you have got your chickens, two chickens actually for each group, what you have to do is to slaughter them accordingly what you have learnt, make sure it is halal to be eaten. With spices, onion, and others tools you have to cook for your team and it will be judged! Do not try new recipe if you think the judges do not like it. Your team will be provided with basic ingredient for the cooking competition.

 For the best, you have to prepare your special and secret ingredients by yourself. Time allocated is about 3-4 hours, so plan your time wisely. We want you to be familiar in preparing your own dishes, no one will help you when you are at oversea. One thing to remind, your team will not be provided with any gas stove, but we only give you a bundle of woods and a wok!  Make sure your team knows how to light up fire..

Hafazan dan Kuiz

 Pertandingan Kuiz

When we say about having a quiz, knowledge plays major roles. You will not be able to answer the question without prior knowledge. So, perhaps, you know, read a lot, gather information and attack!


 Pertandingan Hafazan

Here comes to memorize and express all the surahs you had put inside you head. Your team has to submit a representative to do ‘hafazan’. Choose the best, and you gonna get excellent result. Our judges will be ustaz and ustazah. The surahs are those that you have memorized previously. Just recall it back!


Malam Puteri Islam

Only Muslimats are allowed in the activity. Sorry guys, we couldn’t find extra time to carry out gentlemen’s night. This activity will be conducted in the main hall under supervision of TM, and just follow what you need to do.

There should be a hilarious part, we will see how beautiful you can decorate your dress for that night. So, to win the game, bring back anything that will be used to touch up your model on that night!


This is a moment that you have to burn out all you fat! We have placed several locations for the checkpoints. Mainly, it is around our college, yet, we will make sure it is the places that are totally different from the previous the same kind of activity done.

WE encourage you to be mentally and physically prepared for this activity. A great understanding between teammates is very crucial. And the activity too, absolutely will be a bit different! Just give warning to you, be prepared!


Pertandingan Islamic Architecture

This one is quite engineer-demanded. Yet, future-doctor, biotechnology-wanna-be, and others still are required to settle down the task.

Your teams will be provided with boxes, and several tools for you to create you imagined building. What we want is your teams are able to express the Islamic architecturture via you’re the building you created. It isn’t easy, yet, with cooperation among the teammate, everything can be done easily!

Pertandingan Perniagaan

This sounds weird to most of us. It is a game where the participants are tested with real situation in trading, bargaining, selling, anything that involves in business.

So what you have to do is to be cool, relax, and enjoy the game. Plan your tactics, stretegies and other sort of things so that you can win the game. Teammate’s cooperation is needed in this game. Make sure you behave well.

About the regulations and explanation about the game, we will carry it right before the game starts. So, be focus and concentrated!


Pertandingan Multimedia

A lot of your creativity and talents goes here. This a competition inter-teams, where each or teams has to produce a short film, 7-10 minutes long, and following our theme, Islam, Now, then, here, and there.

For muslimats, there is some time-constraint there, because all of you have to produce your own film as fast as possible, right after you return to the college. Your presentation will begin on 18 June 2009. Therefore, be cooperative with your Teammates now!

For muslimins , No need to rush, yet still need to progress, because you are given about three days only to produce one. And the date is on 20 June 2009. So, be prepared with excellent and outstanding ideas.

What we want is all about the messages that your team wants to dedicate and also of course your cooperation among the teams and creativity.

Pengurusan Jenazah

Well, we think most of us had attempted the course during Amal Islami, and therefore now we want to test your memory, and of course your real skill. For those who are not really prepared yet, make sure you search for theory or you can simply ask those who know about it. Good Luck!

This activity will take place in dormitory blocs. Every group will be given a set of white clothes, just enough for one ‘dead’ body. What you have to do is to find one volunteer to be the ‘dead’ body and you can simply start the practical in front of the judges. We will provide you the criteria needed in the judgment so that all of you can be well-prepared.


Solat Di Tengah Padang

We understand, we know, we predict, everyone of us would feel how cool to pray without any carpet, just simply above green grasses. 

The objective of having such thing during this MPI week is to prepare you guys, for the future, when one day you have to feel it when you are at the oversea. Suddenly, you find out, there is no mosque during your travel, and you decide to pray, even though, there is no such clean place. You have no choice, Just pray in front of the public, maybe in a football field, who knows? 

So, our incoming 'Solat Di Tengah Padang' will be conducted on a green field located beside Bloc C, if you notice, we have ample space there to pray. So, as a reminder, we don't prepare any 'Sajaddah' for you, no such thing provided at the oversea one day. Make sure you bring whatsoever that can be used to replace the 'Sajaddah' 

And one thing to note, our 'Solat Di Tengah Padang' will begin right 'Maghrib' come in. It is compulsory for all the student to be there. Be punctuate please..


We prepare for you a 'ceramah' which will be given by a new-comer into Islam. It is all about comparison between the religions, hopefully, all of you, give full attention towards the 'ceramah'. Remember to take notes, and prepare any questions that necessary.

MPI Activities

We have several exciting activities waiting for you. Make sure your teammates and you are really well prepared for it!


Solat Di Tengah Padang

Pengurusan Jenazah

Pertandingan Multimedia

Pertandingan Perniagaan

Pertandingan Islamic Architecture


Malam Puteri Islam (girls only)

Hafazan dan Kuiz

Sembelihan dan masakan

Kembara Kubur

Rules & Regulations

You can also download in the form of PDF Format by clicking here






Semua peserta diwajibkan mematuhi segala peraturan atau arahan yang telah ditetapkan bagi menjamin kelancaran perjalanan kursus.


Semua peserta diwajibkan menghadiri semua aturcara atau program  yang disusun.  Mereka hendaklah bersikap sedia berada di tempat  majlis  diadakan  lima minit sebelum dimulakan.


Semua peserta diwajibkan memakai pakaian seperti berikut :

i.      Majlis Perasmian             -              Baju Melayu Lengkap (Bersampin)

ii.     Waktu Siang      -              Pakaian Rasmi

iii.    Waktu Malam   -              Baju Melayu atau Kemeja

iv.    Peserta perempuan diwajibkan  memakai tudung.


Semua peserta tidak dibenarkan keluar dari Kolej kecuali setelah mendapat kebenaran daripada pihak Urusetia Kursus.


Peserta-peserta yang sakit atau keuzuran tertentu  hendaklah segera memberitahu kepada pihak Urusetia Kursus.




Semua peserta  diwajibkan mengikuti  setiap ceramah yang diadakan dengan menepati masa yang ditetapkan.


Semua peserta amat digalakkan mencatat isi-isi penting setiap ceramah  yang diadakan.

Peserta hendaklah menyediakan soalan-soalan sekiranya berlaku kekeliruan atau kesamaran atau kemusykilan terhadap ceramah yang disampaikan.


               Semua peserta tidak dibenarkan beredar dari majlis kecuali setelah mendapat arahan daripada Pengerusi Majlis.






                  1.   Semua peserta diwajibkan bersembahyang lima waktu dengan berjemaah.


                  2.   Semua peserta  diwajibkan menjaga adab-adab tatkala berada di rumah Allah.  Adalah dilarang keras berbual-bual  kosong, menyanyi, membuat bising dan lain-lain kerja yang boleh mencemar kesucian rumah Allah.


                  3.   Semua peserta adalah diminta untuk membersihkan diri, berpakaian bersih dan berwuduk serta menunggu waktu sembahyang di Surau.


                  4.   Semua peserta amat digalakkan untuk menunaikan sembahyang sunat dan membaca Al-Quran semasa berada di Surau.



                D.            TUGAS KETUA-KETUA KUMPULAN


                  1.   Hendaklah mencatat kehadiran ahli anggotanya dan melapurkan kepada pihak Urusetia Kursus.


                  2.   Hendaklah berusaha mewujudkan persefahaman, kerjasama dan bersemangat ikhlas sesama ahli anggotanya.


                  3.   Hendaklah melapurkan kepada pihak Urusetia Kursus andainya  terdapat  ahli-ahli anggotanya yang bersikap di luar batasan atau tidak mematuhi arahannya.


          4.Hendaklah melaksanakan tugas-tugas yang diberikan.




                                1.            Hendaklah mematuhi dan melaksanakan segala arahan Ketua Kumpulan.


                                2.            Hendaklah berkerjasama dengan pihak  Ketua dalam mewujudkan persefahaman kerjasama dan semangat ukhwah sesama anggota mereka.

MPI Groups

Our system are not able to support the file for the MPI Groups, since it is too long to put it into our system, therefore you can simply download the groups list below in the form of PDF format below,

*  Reminder,when downloading (as a precaution for the beginner), always know where you save your file, if not it causes you to become headache!! 
[we encourage you to save on your desktop]

Our Objective

The same goes like our theme, our objective is easy, to increase the awareness upon Islam among the students of MARA College Banting.

It is an individual responsible to understand and learn about Islam deeper and clearer. So, MPI is a stage where everyone can perform acting to learn many such great things.

MPI also focuses on the completeness of Islam, which Islam can be practiced in a great full-time life. Everywhere, every moment, every places, anytime, and anything that is going on.

Our Theme

Islam, now, here, there and then’

Six words to be pronounced; it is based on 'Islam as a way of life', in Arabic word, we said it as ‘As-Syumul’ which means it covers everything and every time. The completeness of Islam is what we try to find for the incoming MPI. We want everybody to feel how Islam brings us prosperity, easiness, and flexible in anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

It is our main philosophy too to allow you to be really prepared for future sake of your life. As we know, all of us will continue our study abroad, either in Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, US, and everywhere that you would like to go to; we want Islam remains in your mind and your soul. If today we are in Islam, we also want Islam inside us for tomorrow that we never know.


MPI Background

MPI stands for Minggu Penghatayan Islam. It is a permanent tradition here, at KMB, every years, it happens during the third semester of June. A hectic phase doesn’t mean a complicated life. And it is a continuity of the 'Kem Amal Islami' that we had carried out in semester two.

To let you know, MPI is totally compulsory to everybody, it is not kind of forcing, yet kind of teaching. An excellent structure of architecture is not only based on the technology used, but also depends on the basis in creating the base of the building. By the philosophy, we integrate it, fits into our incoming MPI.

There are a lot of exciting activities waiting for you. What you have to do is keep preparing mentally and physically. Get ready, soon all of you will try to show who are the best among the teams participated.

Few Words From Farzan

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

Sebagai seorang hamba Allah di muka bumi ini, kita sepatutnya bersyukur ke hadrat Nya kerana telah membenarkan kita hidup dengan nikmat-nikmat yang cukup besar. Apa maknanya syukur tanpa penghayatan ke atas agama Nya sendiri. Adakah bersyukur itu hanya dengan sekadar mengucapkan Alhamdulillah atau dengan menyerahkan diri kita kepada Yang Maha Esa dengan menambahkan lagi amalan kita kepada Nya.

Jadi Alhamdulillah, kita akan menjalani satu minggu penuh makna, Minggu Penghayatan Islam. Ini bermakna penghayatan itu perlu perlu berterusan dan menjadi permulaan bagi yang belum pernah menghayati dan menjadi pemangkin semangat untuk meneruskan lagi perjuangan fisabilillah. Penghayatan itu perlu sentiasa ada pada bila-bila masa dan di mana-mana jua. Langsung menjadikan Islam sebagai gaya hidup kita kearah seorang insan yang berjaya di dunia dan juga akhirat.

Islam itu agama yang indah bukan seperti yang dikhabarkan oleh dunia barat. Oleh itu, sebagai Muslim marilah kita muhasabah diri mulai saat ini dan lihat mengapa pandangan sebegitu boleh terlahir dari mulut-mulut mereka. Buktikan bahawa Islam itu agama yang benar dan boleh diterima umum seperti mana penerimaannya ketika Rasulullah dan para sahabat menyebarkannya.

Diharapkan melalui program Minggu Penghayatan Islam ini, kita dapat memantapkan lagi iman dan mengukuhkan pegangan kita terhadap Islam sebagai pelajar yang bakal menjelajah dunia dan bakal pemimpin. Semoga Allah memberkati program ini, membuka pintu hati kita dan melimpahkan rahmatNya ke atas kita semua. Wallahualam…

Mohamad Farzan Bin Mohamad Fadhlillah

Presiden MPP 08/09

Kolej MARA Banting

Students Representative Council | TNB