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update on the infos(from the 15th june assembly)

this is what i managed to jot down or heard.forgot to do so from the bad. correct me if im wrong and add where im lacking.

Food court will be ready in 2 weeks time. (from now i guess)

Miss Loh Mei Lin got Anugerah Pendidik Terbilang

The next KASUKMA (Karnival Sukan MARA) will be held in Sarawak.(tho not sure where n when)

Melbourne univ has moved up to MD (Doctor of Medicine) and no longer have MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine) which will take 7 years; 3 years of biomedical science and 4 years of medical(clinical work) cmpared to MBBS which takes 6 years; 4years theoretical and 2 years clinical. So the point is there is a possibility that some may not do MBBS. and the requirement is only a pass in IB subjects.=)

all juniors will be taking english HL. so they're gonna take 4 higher level subjects.
A test will be held during orientation to identify the weak ones so measures can be taken. Juniors, do your best in the exam. it will be slightly different from ours.(without literature part im sure n maybe slightly more difficult)

The coming juniors will consist of 40 newmed (Newcastle Medicine) students which will further their study in Newcastle University at Iskandar campus at Johor.
and there may also be offers of NewMed to the 08/10 batch(senior-to-be)

All year ones (the coming juniors) will be made compulsory to join a badan beruniform(yay=P) which can be chosen from a choice of 3: kadet polis , kadet bomba , JPAM
(at least u guys got choices)

Maybe we will have new treadmills in our gymnasium. Director is seriously considering buying a 'smart pool' which can fit 2 swimmers each. (the one where the water flows and the swimmers are static? XD)maybe 4 units of those which cost around rm50 000 each.

last but not least, benchmark clenliness as our strength! let us be more attentive towards our surrounding, pick up trashes, and maintain the cleanliness of our college;starting from your own room n classes!=D


MPI Official Website!!!


Thanks for visiting our Official Website, collaborating with our loyal and dedicated MPPs. Hopefully you enjoy your holidays much more with the assignments and ‘kenduri’s. As you notice, we had come out with MPI grouping’s list at a board near the MPP room during our last session at KMB. And you also may know that our next semester, right after registering back into out college, two day after that, MPI will begin!!! So, this is a site that will provide you some rough ideas of what is going to happen. Refer to the links provided below for more details;

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