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Sembelihan dan Masakan

The most hilarious and fascinating part! Once you have got your chickens, two chickens actually for each group, what you have to do is to slaughter them accordingly what you have learnt, make sure it is halal to be eaten. With spices, onion, and others tools you have to cook for your team and it will be judged! Do not try new recipe if you think the judges do not like it. Your team will be provided with basic ingredient for the cooking competition.

 For the best, you have to prepare your special and secret ingredients by yourself. Time allocated is about 3-4 hours, so plan your time wisely. We want you to be familiar in preparing your own dishes, no one will help you when you are at oversea. One thing to remind, your team will not be provided with any gas stove, but we only give you a bundle of woods and a wok!  Make sure your team knows how to light up fire..


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