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Boys N Gurls...Start Ur Engine As The SPORTS CARNIVAL's coming this way

teams have been divided. So the first meeting will be after the college starts back. U are needed to find a name n colour for ur team, choose ur captain, design ur team shirts n prepare anything necessary for a sport team to live. remember to make it competitive n sound sporty. Cheer leading is also included to light up the sport carnival

It may seems early but it aerlier means more time to get ready for the events. It's time to loosen ur joints and start gaining back those muscle. No more evening sleep n get on ur feet

Medic Students :D

eventhough some have done their ielts n all of hv done ur mock interview, we still think that it's not too late to say gudluck to all of you since the results have not come out yet. SO again...GUDLUCK n ALL THE BEST. MAY GOD HELP US IN GETTING THE BEST FOR THE WORLD, EVERYONE n OURSELVES....

Merdeka Celebration !!!

The internal celebration was don on 19 of august. Having the climax done by the MPP's n also KMB students. Big thanx to all...The prize giving ceremony was a clear process, nothing caused a halt. Just a minor shock when it came to the prizes for the yr2's business presentation award. But overall, we would like to say congratulaition and thanx to everyone, admin, teachers, MPPs and KMbians, Especially the math department headed by Pn. Siti Rohani :D

For the national celebration among KM n KPM, it's gonna b held on 26-28 of September. Kinda late though. We are lacking of volunteers among KMBians. So I hope there will be some KMBians who are willing to take this opportunity to sincerely help the college. Who knows, they might reward you in some ways... This means for the other students, the Raya holiday is extended till 28 of Sept, a one day extra holiday :D

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

To all KMBians n Every1 around the globe
have a nice ramadhan n may u clear ur heart n soul from sins
take this opportunity to repent n return to fitrah. Increase ur amal, not only for this month, but let this month b a bench mark for all the other months so that we become better person each n everyday
njoy the fasting month. for some's a gud time to plan ur diet :P
don't forget to sahur n we we go back to college, let's wake everyone together so that we can hv our sahur together....


Upcoming Events

hello again

wut's next in KMB?
firstly just wanna tell u dat dates are not confirmed thus it's not possible for me to put it here
just wutever is there to b told, i'll try my best to give out d details ^_^

  1. Merdeka Celebration (internal)
    • suppose to b on 070809 but since its holiday.thus it has been postponed
  2. UniFair
    • planned to b on 11-13 august. but since we just came back from holz, dunno wut to xpct
    • will b conducted, i think, by the IP
    • make full use of it :D
  3. Mock interview
    • not quite sure bout this. cz there haven't been any confirmation on this
    • but as far as i know, it would b on august. directly after this H1N1 holz or d week after dat
  4. Graduation
    • refers to the previous batch's graduation day
    • 16th of august if not mistaken at Dewan Sri Indon
    • Sr's r graduating so how about us???
  5. Ramadhan
    • there will b a lot of events apart from fasting for the muslims
    • directly after the midsem break
    • Berkat n TM are planning out the schedule during dat time
    • not forgetting Nuzul Quran n 'buka puasa beramai-ramai'
  6. IT week
    • Planned by Firdaus Rasli n Akmal Hayat
    • everything is still in progress, thus nothing is pretty much clear about it
    • only, they said, xpct valuable prizes to b won :)
    • it will b conducted during Ramadhan just to fill in dat month
  7. National Merdeka Celebration
    • don't ask much about this, but it should b on 26-28 September
    • everything is being replan as budget has been reduced and initial date has been changed
  8. Aidil Fitri Celebration
    • After Ramadhan, comes Syawal n here's when we celebrate
    • so we wish to fill it with inspiring n benefitial agenda
    • this is also underplanning
  9. Kasukma
    • 9-11 Oct
    • kind of late for the yr2s
    • we are not the host, just thinking dat by putting it in the calendar would make students aware of its existance n well equipped to represent d college :)
  10. Sports Carnival
    • Wanna have fun with everyone else in d college?
    • come n join the Sports Carnival
    • planned to consume 12-31st October with various activities
    • everyone has their own houses n tchrs n staffs r included in too this time
    • more sports n games for all
    • but as an earlier notice, money is required for the shirt n preparations
    • have fun ^_^

dat's all for now, i dunno if i missed out something but as for now just try to fix ur calendar with these activities. not worry, we are still searching for a date for the ladies night. Oh yeah, before i forget, there has been words saying dat a paintball clinic is going to b held later. this depend on available weekends. there would also b a sports carnival in KYUEM like last yr. This time it would b conducted by the MPPs directly. Softball clinic also is looking for available weekends. MPAC is going together with music club n HOPE for its latest project. PSN is recruiting new members n the interview would b continued somewhere next week i hope. Basketball is having a friendly match with KMS, supposingly, but since its been quite hard and twice cancelled i dunno whether it's happening or not. SPR mentioned that the election for the new MPP's is somewhere mid October. So ladies n gentlemens of yr1, u can start warming up ur engines :)

to close it all
xpct d unxpctd (cliche)hahaha
just wanna say, get urself ready for everything
life is not gonna wait for you, so better u get ready n b way infront
NJOY ^_^


read dat carefully!!!
due to H1N1, a lot colleges has been closed. this includes KMB
Yeay!!! n AAAA!!!

for us students its holiday time
plus d teachers didn't had time to pass homeworks or assignments
unless it was given via internet (e-mail, groups)
nothing sounds better than relaxing at least a week with ur love ones

Ladies' night is once again postponed till a further date (still unknown, huhu)
internal merdeka celebration also been postponed
academic day, postponed
and worst
the schooldays is actually postponed to the end of semester holiday (says the director)

however this can be seen as a good time for the yr2s to research on their IA n EE
well at least i'm doing mine *eventhough only an hour a day :)

latest news i heard was dat two students was admitted to hospital
n those going to clinic increases in numbers.
Friday, there were about 30 students going to clinic and the day before, 20
we hope it doesn't spread to others out there
n this current situation gets well soon
dr. amin mentioned dat viruses can survive only seven days
so after the holiday, hope to see everyone smiling again

till then
Students Representative Council | TNB