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Pushing Boundaries!

Peace be upon you,

On the 30th of December, the MPPs, IPs, excel students, and student leaders of KMB were sent to Jeram Besu, Pahang to undergo a training program known as Pushing Boundaries. It was a program like no other, designed to bring the best in each one of us, and which makes us yearn to be better. It teaches us the key to a succesfull organisation, the steps to being effective, and the confidence of being a leader. A wonderfull program it was, with it's amazing staff, who made us feel so welcomed and safe at the same time. The head of the program is Colonel Nik a brilliant and inspirational leader himself.The intensity of the program was also quite impressive as we were made to solve great riddles and to produce workable solutions, which were both physically and mentally demanding. A point system was used to see if we deserve the certificate at the end.

The program reaches it's peak when we were made to trek in the jungle, to play a treasure hunt of some sort. It was not any ordinary treasure hunts as we were also made to face the guerilla of orang asli. A war was waged as soon as we stepped into their territory where we have to defend ourselves from their attacks as we frantically tried to search for the objects stated in the hunt. Spoiled soya drink bomb was the weapon of choice for the orang asli and also the weapon with which we defended ourselves. Camping out with friends in the dark forest was an experience that some of us are used to, but this time we were camping under makeshift tents while enemies stalks us from the dark forest. It was surprisingly an enjoyable experience where we saw first hand the beauty of teamwork and where we get to know our friends like never before. We completed the task at hand and returned to our real camp at around 3 a.m in the morning. The pleasure of warm food and a nice bath when we got back got us thinking about all the things that we have right now, and made us thankfull to God for what He has given to us.

The next exercise that was surprisingly tougher than the jungle mission takes place the next day where we have to build rafts and later maneuver it on the river. Sounds simple? Think again. We also have to keep a list of our imaginary accounts and inventory of items used, which was rather complicated. This was the one program that almost brought us all down but we pulled through at the end of the program. (with a little help from a karaoke machine and the generosity of the organiser!!Thank you Colonel!)

Finally the time finally come for us to leave and head back home, and honestly, tears were shed. Everyone was sad to leave the wonderfull camp where we had learned so much in so little time. We pray, and we pray that we are able to utilize all that we have learned there in our daily life. May we become better man and woman and may we be able to contribute to society so that everyone may benefit from what we have learned. InsyaAllah. Amin...

ps. pictures will be posted soon!!! :)

Always Striving To Be Better,
MPP 09/011
Students Representative Council | TNB