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Good News and Bad News

the previous post mentioned about Merdeka Celebration is canceled and MARA was out of budget. However, dated yesterdeay, the authorities in their meeting agreed on certain matters. Things have changed. WHY? This is still unsure...

Good news:
The Merdeka Celebration and Kasukma is on. But postponed to a later date
We will still be the host for the Merdeka Celebration event
The Merdeka Celebraiton will be during the holidays ( 25-27 September)

Bad News:
The events are going to be quite late. Thus it might cause some difficulties especially among yr2's
Kasukma will be held on 8 oct n a few days later. so some of the yr2's find it as not a good time to be participating
The internal sports event has a clash with the Kasukma. Thus, thins might be changed and be replanned

Anyway, wish for the best and goodluck


Anonymous said...

internal sport event is way more fun than going to kasukma =)

akmal hayat said...


we'll try to readjust the internal sports carnival schedule due to the overlapping with kasukma..

internal sports carnival maybe delayed after kasukma..

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