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read dat carefully!!!
due to H1N1, a lot colleges has been closed. this includes KMB
Yeay!!! n AAAA!!!

for us students its holiday time
plus d teachers didn't had time to pass homeworks or assignments
unless it was given via internet (e-mail, groups)
nothing sounds better than relaxing at least a week with ur love ones

Ladies' night is once again postponed till a further date (still unknown, huhu)
internal merdeka celebration also been postponed
academic day, postponed
and worst
the schooldays is actually postponed to the end of semester holiday (says the director)

however this can be seen as a good time for the yr2s to research on their IA n EE
well at least i'm doing mine *eventhough only an hour a day :)

latest news i heard was dat two students was admitted to hospital
n those going to clinic increases in numbers.
Friday, there were about 30 students going to clinic and the day before, 20
we hope it doesn't spread to others out there
n this current situation gets well soon
dr. amin mentioned dat viruses can survive only seven days
so after the holiday, hope to see everyone smiling again

till then


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