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Merdeka Celebration!!!

Such a surprise but as an IB learner we should adapt to it as fast as possible. Why am I starting with this is that the Merdeka Celeration for the KMs & KPMs is cancelled!!!:( This is due to lack of budget from Mara
Its not only Merdeka Celebration, but all that has to do with Mara's celebration is cancelled; Kasukma & Rugby tournament.

So now we have to deal with the tickets booked by students as holiday is no more n all the preps that is put to waste coz of this matter. However, the college is trying at its best to cope with this situation. Budget is saved as much as possible for the four students going to Japan for the science fair.

P/S : This is also a warning to all scholars that budget money for us is not that secure. Thus work to our very best.Goodluck!!!


Students Representative Council | TNB