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Merdeka Celebration !!!

The internal celebration was don on 19 of august. Having the climax done by the MPP's n also KMB students. Big thanx to all...The prize giving ceremony was a clear process, nothing caused a halt. Just a minor shock when it came to the prizes for the yr2's business presentation award. But overall, we would like to say congratulaition and thanx to everyone, admin, teachers, MPPs and KMbians, Especially the math department headed by Pn. Siti Rohani :D

For the national celebration among KM n KPM, it's gonna b held on 26-28 of September. Kinda late though. We are lacking of volunteers among KMBians. So I hope there will be some KMBians who are willing to take this opportunity to sincerely help the college. Who knows, they might reward you in some ways... This means for the other students, the Raya holiday is extended till 28 of Sept, a one day extra holiday :D


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