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A thief is prowling in our cherished KMB and whats sad is that the thief might be walking among us residents of KMB. Though it is with high confidence that we MPP believe that students of KMB would never stoop this low. Whoever or whatever it is, it is advisable to all the people of KMB to take notice of this problem and make sure that all their valuables are kept in a safe place. Take care of your belongings! lock ur doors! and never leave ur belonging out of sight!

In a reality where spiderman does not exist and where no man in their right mind would wear their undies over their pants! it is up to us KMBians to stand strong together in these time of hardship! Anyone who sees any suspicious activities going around, plz do report it to the admin or us MPPs.

Thank you & Take care,
Always Striving to do Better,
MPP 09/011


Abe Am said...

cadangan menambah baik blog nih...
er, letak shoutbox.
maybe 'we' can put some comment or any idea about da KMB...
*juz an idea from me..

mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan..
er, satu ag..
mungkin leh promote blog ni kat kmb..
so, students bleh la nak bg komen ke, pape ke..
ke camne? ^^

Students Representative Council | TNB