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The Launching of MPP's Blog

March 03, 2009

Salam and a very good day.

MPPs 08/09 have taken an initiative to make a blog as a medium to share what has happened in KMB as a whole. Credits to previous MPPs because have given an idea for MPP to have own blog.

The objectives of the launching of MPP's blog are:
  1. As a medium where MPPs share with KMBians on what are going on in KMB from time to time.
  2. As a medium where KMBians to voice out their opinions on events that are going on.
  3. To strengthen the relationship between Admin and MPP, Admin and students,and also between MPP and students.
  4. To have suggestions from students to maintain and improve KMB's image.
  5. Etc
You can leave your comments on each post, but please be professional as we are mature enough to think wisely. Criticisms are allowed, but please also suggest the solutions to overcome the arising problems.

We hope with the existance of MPP's blog will cause infos and messages can be conveyed to all KMBians effectively. Thank you.


hanif said...

Good start fr the MPP.keep on the work!!..=)

anas_AF said...

Congratulation Student Rep. KMB. from ICPU SC Taylor's College.

anas_AF said...

welcome to

Amin Rox said...

Nice blog Kmbians MPP... Nice path to deliver problems.. SElamat maju Jaya!

KINO from (THE PEARL) said...

first thing first
prove your significant in this college as MPP because your significant are only seen in few cases but i think better you all try strenghthen your relationship with student also.

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